Event Submission

Event Submission

Event Submission Guidelines

All submissions must be sent by 8:00am Friday morning prior to the Sunday desired for the information to be presented. This includes information regarding; bulletin, pre-service slides and verbal announcements. Should your announcement require media (video/audio) or visual aids, please list these technical needs FIRST when submitting your request. If you miss the deadline, your announcement(s) will not be presented that Sunday.

*Last minute requests on Sunday morning will not be accepted.


If you are submitting information to be displayed in the bulletin, we ask that you provide the details listed below:

  • Name Of Event
  • Date & Time
  • Location
  • Need-to-Know Details (registration deadline, cost, time sensitivity, what to bring, contact info, etc.)

*Please keep the details and summary of your event brief. If there is a lot of information you feel needs to be included feel free to put in a request for a Verbal Announcement, Event Calendar Online, or Church-Wide E-Mail.


If you are submitting information to be displayed in the pre-service slide show we ask that you provide only the details listed below:

  • Name of Event
  • Date & Time
  • Name of Location and/or Address
  • Style/Design of Image (optional)

By submitting a request for a slide to be displayed you give consent for the administrator to use creative freedom in producing the slide. If you have requests for how you would like your slide to look please list or describe your vision as clearly as possible in your submission.

*If you have your own slide that you wish to be displayed, please send it in the form of a JPEG of PNG file. No PowerPoint files please.


  • Name of Speaker
  • Subject to be Announced
  • Estimated duration of announcement

If you are absent during the allotted announcement time your announcement will not be presented. We ask that you do not attempt to make your announcement after the service has concluded and wait until the following Sunday to announce your event. If the event is time sensitive, please submit a request for a Church-Wide E-Mail to be sent.

Requests With No Deadline
These requests may be sent at any time and will be posted at the administrators soonest possible convenience (typical completion is within 1 week of receiving submissions)


To have your submission posted on our Event Calendar online please include the information listed below:

  • Name of Event
  • Date & Time
  • Name of Location and Address
  • Contact Persons’:
    • Name
    • Number and/or e-mail address
  • If Your Event Repeats and how often
  • Type of Event (Men’s, Women’s, Youth, Class, Meeting, Bible Study, Fellowship/Party, etc.)

FULL description of your event or fundraiser and need-to-know information. (registration deadline, cost, time sensitivity, specific demographic, what to bring, contact info, etc.)


If you wish to e-mail the church about an event, ministry, prayer request, or fundraiser we ask that you compose and proofread your own message and send the completed announcement to us. Your e-mail will then be sent to the Heart Strong Church body as listed in
If you would like your submission sent to a particular church group, please specify this in your submission.

Heart Strong Contact Groups:
Entire Church Body